i'm valerie but sometimes i go by Bae or Baelerie :) I'm a Mexican-American illustrator based in Orange County, CA. Designing cute things is my favorite thing to do! I love drawing anything with food, nature, or animals.

I started FroginaSweater in 2020 to find a sense of comfort and stability. I want to inspire people whether that is learning to embrace the cute, wonderful things in our world, or through my entreprenuership as a Latina artist!

I design all our artwork and accessories, film content for our socials, and pack your orders.

Let's connect :)

handmade with love!

all crochet items are handmade by my mom, Maria! She loves listening to cumbia music, walking in nature, and watching Spanish novellas while crocheting. All your crochet orders go directly to her and we are so grateful that you all have given my mom an opportunity to work.

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